Kouki F31 Rear taillight corner lens comparison and install.

When I got my JDM headlights and corner lamps, I didn’t realize the differences until I started to mount them and did a side by side comparison.

I couldn’t believe the changes, even for something like a corner lamp.

This is no different for the tail lamp corner lens. I remember seeing a picture of the JDM kouki tail lights and noticed the rear corner lens was different. I only noticed because I had to fix my broken tail light on my 1st M30 and thought about getting a set of JDM tail lights (if they were different). I do believe the reflective design is different, but not too much.

When I repaired my tail light, I decided to change out all the bulbs and noticed the corner lens was mounted separately.

I’ve always wanted to pick up a set, but it was not a priority. After my trip to Japan, I noticed that M30 stuff is highly sought, so I came up with an idea to swap these lens. I’ve picked up sets here and there through out the years.

Satoshi said he wouldn’t mind trading, so he sent me a picture of him taking off the lens. That is when I noticed they weren’t mounted like the US M30!!!


If you look at the picture, the left is for the M30. The right is the JDM Leopard corner.

After a bit more research, we figured out!

Now that I have a pair of corner lens, I can give you my honest opinion.

When I popped the USDM lens off (screw on the outside), the JDM is mounted on the inside. I took apart my trunk (since I haven’t done it a long time) just to see the tail lights. If you really want to install this lens, you will have to remove the taillight because of the panel is in the way.

That was one hitch. The other.. it is a non light up piece.

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