Sunday – Arrival in Japan

During the planning, I forgot that Japan was a day ahead and when my wife booked the flight, there was no availability on leaving Thursday or Friday unless I wanted to pay a higher cost of $500.

But for awhile, I thought I was arriving in Japan on Saturday afternoon. Once I saw this error, I was angry at myself. This cut on spending more time with Satoshi.

My flight schedule was super hectic.

Saturday 20th


  • Packing done @ 1230 am
  • 0130 – Lyft to airport
  • San Francisco International Airport @ 0230 am
  • Flight to Vancouver International Airport @ 0600 am
  • Arrive and wait at Vancouver International Airport for 4 hours
  • Fly to Japan – making it Sunday
  • Arrival at Narita Airport – @ 1530 pm, Sunday.
  • Ana flight to Itami Airport – @ 1700 pm
  • Before Ana flight, get luggage, go through immigration, get JR stuff and exchange money.
  • Went through security
  • Shuttle to Ana Flight (delay for 30 minutes)
  • Arrival in Itami Airport (domestic flights)
  • Limousine bus from Itami to Shin Osaka
  • Shin Osaka to Okayama via Shinkansen
  • Okayama to Takamatsu Station via JR Marine Liner
  • Arrival at Takamatsu Station @ 2300 pm.
  • Met with Noguchi san!


That was the schedule!

Of course I screwed up a few things!!! LOL.

  • Laptop pc charger – left at home.
  • Digital SLR – left at home
  • Video camera – left at home
  • bag for family in Canada, left in Lyft car.

So off to a bad start! Well, with 1 hour sleep, that will happen.

I don’t think I have ever seen SFO this empty! 0200 am



Arrival to Narita airport


at Narita, took a shuttle to our Ana flight to Itami airport.


Itami airport


Itami airport shuttle to Shin Osaka station


Shuttle took a good 40 minutes, when I was thinking 20 minutes.


Shin Osaka to Okayama Shinkansen.


Seto – Ohashi Line to Takamatsu


Arrival to Takamatsu Station

Where Noguchi san met me! Thank you brother!!


super clean M30!



Satoshi and I. 1am at my hotel.

Satoshi took me around and we ate some food. Since it was really late, We could not get some Udon noodles that were famous for Shikoku region.

He took me to see his other leopards and drove me around a bit. We talked for a few and hung out til I think 0100 am. Sorry, it was late and he had work next day.

Thank you brother!



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