Wandering Leopard Pilgrimage 2017

When I decided to go to Japan, I wanted to meet my friends and see as much as possible, focused car and Japanese culture. The culmination would lead to the 31st Anniversary Leopard meeting in Hakone.

I say pilgrimage because Tanaka san (Kazuho) told me last year that this is the 31st year of the release of F31 Leopard.

1986-2017= 31 years.

So I said I wanted to make in symbolic by including any 31 cars. R31 Skyline, A31 Cefiro, Z31 Fairlady, Y31 Gloria, Cima, or Cedric and F31 leopards. Kuze san then told me that Carshop Friend (Leopard shop) would be holding the 31st Nissan Leopard meeting, parade and cruise in Hakone.

My dry sense of humor called this Wandering Leopard Pilgrimage

Wandering – since I would be traveling Japan to different areas for 9 days.

Leopard – While I did base this on meeting Leopard owners, it wasn’t exclusive.

Pilgrimage – the journey to and within Japan.

Do you know MMA fighter Enson Inoue? In 2013, he walked across Japan for charity and to raise awareness of the Fukushima tragedy.

Walk for Japan

This was very inspiring to me and it partially influenced the idea of moving across Japan. Obviously, my journey was more personal and not as important as Enson’s mission.

So I started to plan:

Planning of Wandering Leopard

While I focused on meeting my friends as a priority, secondary would be checking out shops, shopping and visiting shrines.

Sunday – Arrival in Japan and to Takamatsu

Monday – Okayama, Hiroshima, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi and back to Hiroshima

Tuesday – Hiroshima, Osaka and Shiga

Wednesday – Gifu, Nagoya and Sendai

Thursday – Sendai

Friday – Tokyo and Saitama

Saturday – Yokohama and Daikoku Futo

Sunday – Hakone to 31st Leopard meeting

Monday morning Japan – Leopard cruise to Mishima Skywalk Bridge

Monday afternoon – America