Monday – Okayama, Hiroshima, Iwakuni and back.

I woke up at 0500 am. Maybe it was on Pacific time, but my body woke up this time and it was sunny. I repacked my luggage with all the cool stuff Noguchi san had given me. I left around 0600 am on the hotel shuttle and they took me to Takamatsu airport. At first I thought it was an error, but there was a bus that takes you from the airport to Takamatsu JR station.

The goals:

  • Okayama station
  • Saijo Inari Shrine
  • Stop by Miyoshi Racing (Nakacho station)
  • Stop by Toda Racing (did not happen)
  • check in at Hiroshima
  • If early arrival in Hiroshima, check Peace memorial Park
  • Take Shinkansen to Iwakuni
  • See Kintai bridge
  • meet with Taguchi san



Takamatsu Marine Liner heading to Okayama


Once I got to Okayama, I had to take a small local line Bitchu Takamatsu station to go see the Saijo Inari Shrine. I started to walk and came upon this massive Torii.


I think it was almost 2 miles, but I finally got to the Saijo Inari Shrine.


I got back to the station and headed on Okayama station and jumped on the Sanyo Main line to Nakasho station. Once there, I took a taxi to Miyoshi Racing. There I met Miyoshi san and Kasai san. I saw the cars at Stance in Odaiba and I was fascinated with the builds! Then I remember seeing the Super Street issue featuring the shop. When I did the research, I found they were just past Okayama, so I wanted to go and take pictures.

It was very cool as we talked for a bit and when time came, I asked them to call taxi for me, but Miyoshi san said he will take me in the demo car, FD Boss!!!! so cool!!!




After I was dropped off, I headed to Shin Kurashiki station, but didn’t know I had to change trains at Kurashiki station and ended up going on the Hakubi line, which was going north and not in the right direction. So I got off at Soja station and waited a good 1 hour for the next train, I then got back to Kurashiki station and Sanjo main line.

I stayed at Miyoshi Racing longer than I anticipated (which was great as he treated me really nice) and going in the wrong direction and waiting for the reverse train, I decided not to go to Toda Racing. I had to check in at Hiroshima and start trekking to Iwakuni to meet Taguchi san, which was the only reason I went out that way.

Toda Racing – did not happen.

when I got to Hiroshima, I started, I checked in my hotel, which was nearby.


I then went back to the JR station, and waited for the Shinkansen to Shin Iwakuni station.

When I got to Shin Iwakuni Station, I wanted to jump on a local line that would take me close to the Kintai Bridge. Seiryushin Iwakuni Station was just a 10 minute walk, but the train was going to take an hour to get there (local lines are not as frequent)


After waiting for a bit, I decided to go back to the station and jump in a taxi. I didn’t want to rely on taxis, but in this case of saving time (I had to meet Junya at a specific time), I took a taxi to Kintai Bridge.

Paid 300 yen (over estimate is saying around $3) to walk across it. It is made of wood and very well structured.

Kintai Bridge, 5 arches


Afterwards, I needed to get to Iwakuni station and jump on the bus. But nobody was at the bus stop. A girl helped me by showing me that you can purchase tickets from a vending machine. As she was showing me this, the bus started to roll up. Paid another 300 yen and jumped on.


A good 40 minute bus ride through town, got to the JR Iwakuni station, where I boarded a train to Yanai station.


The train stopped by stations along the water, which as enjoyable on the ride to Yanai station. There were a bunch of school children and it got noisy.



When I got to Yanai station, I met with Junya and his girlfriend. She translated and helped communications.

Junya let me drive his Leopard (which is a first for me) and we snapped a few shots.


Later he took me to dinner at a traditional Japanese spot. We were driving in the dark, then suddenly there was all this bright light.


My battery started to die and I turned it off to save what was left for our pictures. After we ate, we walked around the grounds which was somewhat opened. Junya then dropped me off at Shin Iwakuni station so I can take the shinkansen.

But that Shinkansen came near near shortly after 1100 pm. I waited over an hour at the platform with nobody else there. It was eerie, yet peaceful. I was tired, but I did not want to sleep as I might have missed that train last train.

It was good to meet Junya and Saito. It was also great to meet Hiroki (Airex) and Miyoshi San.



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