Monday – Hakone to Mishima Skywalk

(UPDATED: gallery at the end)

The schedule had us going to Mishima Skywalk Bridge, a good 40 minute drive.


But also look at where Mt. Fuji (Fuji san) is located.


I woke up early because I had been packing all night. I tried to go to the hot spring, but there was a sign at the bottom of the stairs. So I opted for the public bathhouse. After that, I went back to my room and made sure that Mr. Tamai got the message that I left a bag of gifts in his trunk, just in case he decides to leave.

I went back to sleep, but this time on the raised floor. I woke up around 0800 am and went to get breakfast. Everyone was taking pictures. I saw Mr. Tamai and as soon as I got my stuff, I went back to my room, packed and got ready (I knew we were leaving soon). As I was walking with my luggage, I saw everyone taking the group shot… I seem to miss those often! But it is okay, I’m kinda the outsider, so I don’t mind.


Kubo san and I


Fujii san’s 3 Leopards!!! I’m trying to be artistic in my shot.


Gorgeous model and Fujii san’s Leopards


Kuze san telling me the plan.


The drive was pretty cool. I rode with Kuze san and enjoyed the good weather! Fuji san can be seen in the background, which I think makes these pictures awesome!


Once we got to Mishima Skywalk, we were directed to the reserved parking and started to set up.




My time was getting short as I still had to get to Narita Airport and do all the check in stuff. So I took some quick pictures when I realized I needed to leave.


Chief and Me. He is a naval captain.


Tamai san – Riding the leopard over 20+ years. Also leopard historian and Arai’s teacher!!! I am honored to have been in your leopard and the time you took to take me where I needed! M(__ __)M


Ogino san – Good to meet you my friend.

I left quickly and did not get a chance to take pictures with Club Treasure family and the hot models!

Mr. Tamai dropped me off and waited til my train left. Again I owe you sir!!






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