Genuine F31 colors (for all F31s)

The M30 had 8 official colors:

  • White Quartz
  • Black Obsidian
  • Burgundy Berry
  • Beige Pebble Metallic
  • Silver Metallic


Two tone combinations:

  • Beige Pebble Metallic / White Quartz
  • Black Obsidian / Grey Metallic
  • Blue Grey Storm Metallic / Grey Metallic


The Convertibles were only offered in these 3 colors.

  • Black Obsidian
  • Burgundy Berry
  • White Quartz



Here are the official paint codes for M30s. This chart does have some Q45 paint codes too.



I’ve seen quite a few two tone leopards when I went to Japan. But I hardly saw solid color ones. I saw maybe 2 solid color F31 leopards. A burgundy and black one. The rest were two tone. I also noticed that some of the Leopard paint colors are slightly different than the Infiniti M30 (this might be due to sun and fade). From what I’ve seen in Japan, many owners take good care of their cars, often garage kept or covered. This probably has lead to the paint being well preserved.

  1. Beige/ gray –
  2. White/ gold-
  3. Dark Blue/ gray-
  4. Dark Purple/ gray-
  5. Light blue/ gray-
  6. Silver/ gray-
  7. White/ gray-
  8. Black pearl/ gray-
  9. Burgundy Berry


Beige / gray


Dark blue/gray


Dark Purple/ gray




Light blue and gray


silver and gray


White/ beige







Burgundy Berry aka Wine


Solid white