Light bulb guide: Infiniti M30 taillight

It is 2017 and bulb technology has improved! LED bulbs are now available for good prices.

I made a thread back in 2006 about fixing my tail light, which was broken. While there, I changed out all the bulbs. I rediscovered this thread and all the pictures are gone, so I’ll be fixing that soon.

Anyways, Here is the Infiniti M30 Taillight bulb guide:



On the covers, there are labels too.. but many people don’t want to take time to read them!


I will be replacing these bulbs with LED style bulbs.

  • 194 are small bulbs
  • 1156 are single filament
  • 1157 are dual filament.










Update. So I put these bulbs on and I was getting rapid turning (I’m assuming this will eventually blow out some relay). So I decided to pass it up for now. I would like to get something interesting though and I will look for options.

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