About the Autech Zagato Stelvio- 2022 update

Update – I was able to see Myron’s Stelvio!







Credit to Garage Joule

It is only proper to mention the Autech Zagato Stelvio. It is a form of a Nissan Leopard.

If you did not know, Autech is a subsidiary company that upgrades Nissans. It is different from other 3rd party companies as it is sold through the Nissan dealership itself.

Zagato is an independent Italian coachbuilding company. Many European companies will turn to Zagato for unique designs. Most of the time, Zagato does one off designs.

The partnership was for them to make a limited amount of sports cars (there are a few designs with other cars). The S13 and F31 chassis was used for the ones that made it to “production”.

Autech offered the F31 chassis with VG30DET.


. Zagato designed the exterior and interior. The most notable is the side mirrors location is on the fenders. Other questions arise such as why the S13 Silvia headlights?

There are at least 98 that were made (Myron said he saw the badged cars and one was 97). They were very expensive too 18 Million yen ($153,000 in America currently). The price has gone down, but so have the numbers of this car. At least 2 has been imported out to Europe. Who knows if private collectors decided to pick these up too.

Another amazing fact about this car is that it is handcrafted!!! That’s truly impressive!

I don’t think I will ever see one in my life, but thanks to Garage Italya, they took some high resolution pictures and various close up shots.