F31 Kouki turbo bumper grille cover

So what of this hard to find piece?  If you can find a Kouki turbo bumper for sale, chances are the opening for the intercooler hole is exposed, allowing for air to pass thru and thus cooling the hot engine oil via the turbo charge cooler, or intercooler.  There was an oem cover that most haven’t seen, here is a rare picture of it, thanks to Satoru Kuze and his beautiful car.

Satoru’s Leopard

I have found the oem Nissan of Japan part number:  62686-F6250

It is $50.82 in American dollars.  Unfortunately, it is no longer available via the Nissan Dealer in Japan, I tried to order one recently.  The Japan Auction sites are maybe the only way to find one.

Item number 62256P






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