About Zenki Nissan Leopard convertible


The back story is that the Ultima X was the concept car for a convertible. This idea might have been one of the factors of the M30 convertible.

After the Ultima X was displayed, but never came to fruition, I believe a 3rd party or “private company” (as I was told) offered to make convertibles.

I am unsure if you buy the car first and bring it to them or you buy the car from Nissan and they send it out to be converted. The was also a difference in price. One friend told me he saw the ad in a magazine and it was $7,000 more to make it an “open car”.

I believe these are the ads that have circulated online for a few years.


I saw a post on Yokota-san’s page where he met up with an Owner of a Zenki Convertible. This also lead me to his Minkara page. This was one of the goals of my Wandering Leopard trips, but a goal because it was about the 31st year.

I was lucky that the owner showed up to the 31st All Japan Leopard Festival, I got a chance to talk to him and see the difference of his car!

Top up




I had so many questions to ask and I think he already knew because others probably asked him as well.

He bought this car 16 years ago. He was looking for an 4 door open car and came up this.

It was “sleeping”  for 10 years.

He doesn’t know how many were made, but he knew of another owner in Nagoya, but he hasn’t heard of the car for a few years now.

He enjoys the car.


So that is it, a milestone for F31club and myself, but also I met a great friend!