31st All Japan Leopard Festival – October 2017

After I got back from Japan towards the end of May, Ogawara-san said there was a secret going on. I had a feeling it was going to be a meeting. In 2016, they had a really big meeting and in May, there was Carshop Friend’s meeting.

私が日本から5月末に帰った後、小川さんは秘密があると言いました。私はそれが会議になると感じていた。 2016年には本当に大きな会議があり、5月にはCarshop Friendの会議がありました。

But this was the 31st year of the F31, so there was significance to this year. Once Ogawara-san said there was meeting, I knew I had to go.

Once I got everything confirmed, I let them know.

Months before leaving Japan (for this 3rd time) I was promoting it, asking people who were going, and asking what gifts people wanted.

しかし、これはF31の31年目なので、今年は意義がありました。小原さんが会ったと言えば、私は行かなければならないことを知っていました。 一度私はすべてを確認した、私は彼らに知らせる。 日本を離れる前の月(この3回目)私はそれを促進し、行く人に尋ね、人々が望んでいた贈り物を尋ねました。

Here are pictures of when the Leopard Committee set up at Hanano Yu Hotel (traditional Japanese hotel).

花王湯のホテル(伝統的な日本のホテル)に開設されたLeopard Committeeの写真です。



I arrived late after they had eaten. I made an error the night before which lead me to go back to Tokyo from Okayama. When I arrived, I paid my 11,000 yen and was given a key to my room. I got dressed in the traditional clothing and went to get some food. I met with all of them and we talked and I even went to the Lavendar room and watch them do some karaoke. Then I called it a night.





I work up about 530 and had breakfast. I sat there with everyone and they said by 700 to check out and 730 we will leave the hotel.



Then we headed to the spot. It was about 20 minutes away. The location was 朝霧高原もちや.



The people started to roll in and set up:



San Ichi club also participated with Qaz:

San IchiクラブもQazに参加しました:


San Ichi club’s Toyota friends show up:

San Ichiクラブのトヨタの友達が現れる:

Random cars throughout the outside parking lot:



Other cars were meeting up here to cruise (including motorcyclists):




Soon, more people started to show up. I started to go around and take pictures. I talked many people and bought stuff too.



Very cool event with my brothers! Thank you National Leopard Committee for putting on good event.

私の兄弟たちとの非常にクールなイベント!良いイベントを開催してくれたNational Leopard Committeeに感謝します。