Meeting with Yousuke-san

Yousuke-san is one of the people I contacted in 2005 and I remember his email asking me about my M30 and Leopard headlights. So last year, I wanted to meet and thank him.


I’m always in contact with my brothers and often exchange information. When I planned this trip, I sent out my dates to Yousuke-san and I said I would meet him where ever.

Initially, he was my only Saturday appointment, so I was gonna go do D1, History Garage and on the way to Yokosuka, I would check out some Tuning shops.

After meeting with Kuze-san, I headed towards Yokosuka. I stopped by Ofuna station and took the Shonan Monorail (just to say I was on it). After that, i headed to Yokosuka station.

When I arrived, Yousuke-san also arrived in his Cadillac Escalade!


We went Bistro Bourgogne (ビストロ・ブルゴーニュ) at the Mercure Yokosuka building. It was a great view overseeing the Yokosuka bay area.

We had dinner and great conversations. Then my brother took me to Dobuita street.


This place is famous due to Military Naval base across the street, so many bars/stores are catered to them.

We also stopped by New Tokyo bar, which a scene from Abunai Deka was filmed. My next trips I plan are gonna be paying tribute to Abunai Deka.


This is also home of the famous “Sukajan” Jackets. In which I was gifted one (these are not cheap either, so I owe you Arai-san!)


Last year, Yousuke-san also gave me some naval patches. They were from a famous shop, which is this:

I know my brother was tired, but he still drove me to Yokohama station where I was to meet Satoshi-san. We always have conversations about M30s because that is what he owned. I told him how his pictures were so crisp and even to this day, I can take a cell phone photo of his digital pictures and they come out amazingly nice!

As I was waiting for Satoshi-san, Yousuke-san hung out until he arrived. It was interesting because both are/were hardcore F31 owners. Satoshi-san never really hung around the F31 community and has been living in Hawaii for a few years.

But to get them to meet and even share F31 history between them (they both have owned Leopards and M30s) was interesting.