Sacramento Meeting – Oct 2006

In October 2006, I moved from Seattle to San Francisco. Glad to be in the Northern California, I naturally hit up my brothers.

Brian lives in Sacramento (1 hour away from San Francisco) and Brandon lived in Milpitas (1.5 hours away from Sacramento). Ricky and I lived in Daly City (outside of San Francisco).

Brian told me there was a Nissan meeting at the Nissan of Elk Grove store. So we decided to go there. I again tried to get a few more people to roll (hoping to get 7 M30s) but people were busy. So it was Ricky, Brian, Brandon and myself.

We went to the meeting and people thought we were driving Maximas. Then we went to the Infiniti dealership and inquired about OEM parts for the Infiniti M30. Which confirmed that there was an OEM front lip, but was out of stock.

The guy in the parts department asked why and we told him we have M30s. He said he never seen one, so when he came outside, he was blown away to see 4. He told his other co workers and they came out and were impressed. A few people took pictures.

After that, we found a neighborhood that was under construction and took pictures.


We tried to spell “M”



L-R: Me, Ricky, Brian, Brandon


Afterwards, Ricky and I headed back to Daly City. Very cool meeting and at the time (2006), we were making M30s known. Shortly after 2 other members of Sexytime Kids would pick up M30s.


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