Southern California Meeting – Nov. 2006

I had momentum on my side and many of us were pretty active on the forums. The morale was high.

Naoki’s M30 was shining pretty bright right now. Drift Day events, Magazine coverage, car booth features, CSI Miami and even MTV’s Fast Inc. So it was a must to try to meet him in person. Greg (Dynastyf31) was driving all the way from Arizona (5.5 hours away) and I was coming from San Francisco (5 hours away). I actually arrived in Los Angles the night Friday night and Drew let me stay at his house for the night. I was able to check out his monster built Z31!

I tried to set the meet in Oct 2006, but because I just moved to the Bay area and my uncle passed away that week, it was had to be postponed. Additionally, people’s schedule didn’t line up. So we kept discussing it and in November 2006, we set a time and date. We needed a location and ideas what to do. We were expecting quite a few people. There was a possibility of 12 M30s! Here were the people who would make it and the 4 others were possible, but did not show up.

Drew (DrewZ31),
Chris (m301992)
Edrik (nightmoves)
Naoki (driftday)
Greg (Dynastyf31)
Chirs (chrisphilips)
David (muffinman)

Possibly make it.

F31pilot..maybe job
rockstar(meet him on the way to so cal)
Squid636 ? (military)
Giacoma (no reply)

Naoki wanted us to meet up at a shop called Drift Speed Motorsports and provided the address. The guys there said they would give good prices and a spot for us to take pix.


One by one we started to roll in.

I had F31club stickers and we started to put them on. The stickers are usually on the rear quarter glass, but with Convertibles, the rear quarter glass is smaller and slides down, so David, Chris and Drew put the sticker on the upper windshield.

Dynastyf31’s (Greg) sticker

Chris putting on his stickers.

Chris putting on his stickers on his convertible.



Naoki followed suit.




Nightmoves (Edrik) putting on stickers.


Drew and Roni’s sticker on their convertible.



Greg helping David put on his stickers.


This was my first time seeing a convertible up close. It was also the first time I seen a convertible top boot.

Chris had a very pristine M30 convertible. He showed us how to put the top boot on.


Then we set up to take pictures before we went to go eat.



L-R : Naoki and James, Greg, Chris, David, Drew, Chris, Me and Edrik!


This was the US record that is still held to this day. 8 M30s in one picture!!!


Afterwards, a few people had to leave, but a few of us went to Pacific Coast Highway and took pictures.


Comments after the meeting:


I had a good time at the meet. Sorry I did not go with everyone afterwards but I needed to take care of some stuff at Driftspeed.
DrewZee87T-Your car is awesome and I hope to see it after you finished the project.
Roger-Nice meeting you and I hope you plan more of these gatherings.
All M30 that attended the meet- Cars looks great and I hope we can do this again.



now roger, i recall us talking about a US soil record of leopards in one lot.
youve done it brootherrr. hahahahha


DynastyF31 (Greg)

Dude, i had a blast. Thanks for a good meet… next year same time? Maybe we can get 12-15 cars out to next years.


JCrapps (Jacy)

OMG, that picture with everyone and their M’s was amazing… Brings a tear to my eye, ahahah. Roger, you did it this time! Next year we should do it bigger. Maybe us Bay Area guys will have a road trip.



Have fun, we did. It was a record of 8 cars. Roger and some others have much better pics than these. 
Must do this again. It was great to meet everyone.


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