Synopsis of some of the Mini meets.

Since the hack happened, we lost the pictures. As a person that loved F31club and helped build it, it hurt see them gone. Many of the mini meetings were of me and another member that I was able to meet up due to time or place. Some have a great story (such as the 209 Meeting).


209 mini meeting – Teh Luckinator just got an M30. He’s been wanting one for a long time. Brian and I came from Sacramento to meet Lucky in Stockton. A few months back, Lucky mentioned a lowered M30, but didn’t know the owner. This was Mike (Zed32). We rode by his house and I saw the M30 there, but I also saw his legacy as well. I knew he was home and went straight to his door! Mike came out and we talked for a bit. Took pictures (damn.. can’t believe they are gone). Mike’s M30 had a bad transmission. It was good to hang with Lucky, Brian and Mike.

408 mini meetings – So one of the members I have always been trying to get to hang out was Burkechrs (Chris). I was finally able to hang with him for a couple hours as he was going to work in the afternoon. We took pictures at the Westfield Oakridge Mall’s parking garage.

The 2nd meeting was with Jacy and I stopping by Chris’s work (he worked at Togo’s at the time). He hooked it up with sandwiches and we took pictures outside. Jacy and I would later go to the Hills of San Jose again! (I have pictures of that).

Mango Maint. Day – Angry Earl picked up an M30. we did some maint on it and he needed a hood for his M30. His M30 had a bad hood. But he had white/beige combo and I had the beige M30 with a hood in good shape. We swapped it out. We later went to Drift Office (in Renton). Later we mobbed to 99 ranch and had some Ube ice cream and Halo Halo (we are Filipino).

Portland meeting – I was on the way back from San Francisco and I asked who was in Portland, GlennPDX said he would meet me for coffee. I must say it was the cleanest convertible I have ever seen. I also saw the hard boot for the first time. I was very impressed with his car. He also had a rare M30 convertible accessories catalog.

Dublin Maint. Day – Jacy and I decided to do our rear differential oil change.

650 mini meeting – Mako was another member who I was able to meet. He had a very clean M30. 2nd owner and the car was low mileage. He had 2 unique items. A hand brake under the steering wheel and an electronic rust inhibitor. The car was an east coast car and it had NO Rust. We met up one night after school and chatted for a bit.




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