San Francisco Mini meet – 2007

After I moved here and was getting acquainted to the area and figuring my work and school schedule, I tried to keep momentum going. Ricky and Jacy were always willing to meet up. Jacy was busy, so it would be hit or miss with him. Ricky was busy, but able to meet up when possible. Ricky invited a guy that lived down the street from him with an M30. His name was Gil.

Jacy, Ricky and I first met up and went to a park in Hunter’s Point near the water and Candlestick Park. We took pictures and drove around.


Jacy had to leave, so Ricky and I meet up with Gil and took pictures at night. We drove to the BART station and had a nice angle.


Again, since it was hard to get people together, we just kept to small meet ups.

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