Osaka Mini Meeting (Kazuho and Roger) – October 2016

At the 30th annual leopard meeting, Kazuho came up to me and said,

“10 years ago, you emailed me”.

It was amazing that he remembered me. I looked on F31club and he made a couple posts about leopards.

After the 30th Annual Leopard meeting, Kazuho Tanaka took my wife and I back to our hotel. He said he lives in Osaka. I told him that we will be there for 3 days beginning the next day. He said to let him know and maybe we can meet after his work.

I was hoping to get a few leopard owners together, but I know that can be hard.

We in Kyoto when Kazuho said he was available that night to meet up. So we took a Shinkansen from Kyoto to Osaka which was 15 minutes and $50 dollars for each of us and one way.

As soon as we got to Osaka station, we had to get on the JR to Shinsaibashi station. We get outside of the station and Kazuho was literally behind us.

We jumped into his R31 Skyline and he said he was gonna take us to the cafe where his girlfriend works. A good 20 minute drive, we arrive at the cafe.

We order coffee and pastries and this is where we started to talk about F31s. In all honesty, I was really good. He asked questions, I asked questions… I learned so much from him that night. He also showed photo albums of Le Ciel Bleu’s meetings… Truly historic in my eyes.




We then went outside and I took pictures of his R31 Skyline. I saw the cool Electronic lip, checked the motor and even compared the dash.


Kazuho then took us to his apartment where I had a chance to look at both of his Leopards! It was pretty dark and I didn’t have a tri pod.



Kazuho switched to his black leopard and drove us (my wife and I) back to our hotel near Dotonburi/Shinsaibashi. Took a few pictures and really Thanked him so much for taking the time to meet with me!!!




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