Tanaka-san 2.0 leopard rare part video

In 2006, Tanaka-san and I communicated through email.

In 2016 when I went to Japan for the Leopard meeting, he came up to me and said, “Roger-san, you emailed me 10yrs ago”.

A few days later, we met up again in Osaka for dinner. He taught me a lot of leopard information.

One thing I learned was the the 2.0 kouki bumper cover. The bumpers were universal for the XJ and XS. XS being turbo. With being a turbo, the left side of the bumper had a vent for the intercooler.

When the sold XJs that were not turbocharged, they sold a cover for that vent.

Tanaka-san told me that people threw away this part to the point that nobody them anymore.

Tanaka-san started a YT channel and actually posted about getting this part!



Which is pretty cool!!!