Diana front bumper

After I got most of the kit one, the final piece was the Diana front bumper. I was super excited…

Unfortunately, I couldn’t put it on right away. I found out that the front bumper reinforcement (metal bar) was different from the Japanese vs the M30. The Kouki Ultima and M30 mount different.

The bumper reinforcement has to be trimmed on top and the sides.

So I set up with a local welder, whom was referred by Malik.

Unfortunately, this guy just seems to have excuses not to do stuff.

  1. I approached him about the door jamb cracks – says he can’t do it.
  2. I ask him about my SR20 downpipe. Never replied.
  3. I asked him about trimming the bumper reinforcement.

He replied saying next weekend and also he could do the down pipe. A day later, he says he has health issues and what not… and never got back to me. So I’m kinda disappointed in this person.

I personally want to build resources with people so I can bring back stuff to them. Never asking for free service too.

Anyways, since I was on call this past weekend anyway, I didn’t get a chance to work on it like how I wanted to.

Nonetheless, I went for some night pictures. Once I fit the front bumper and take some cool pictures, I’ll take off the kit and work on it to be perfect.