Missing parts from Japan, JDL, Stacked Inc, and Wolfreign motors.

When Noguchi-san was boxing up the Diana kit, he added Itabashi-san’s package as well. They contained a couple of things for Project Leopard.


In one of the bigger boxes (remember those 3 boxes were Diana kit). he inserted this box:


Smaller, but long because it contained the chrome rain guards.


When packaged it up, He sent it to JDL in Hyogo, who was shipping to Wolfreign Motors in Oakland. When I received my package from Wolfreign Motors, this box was missing.

I recently stopped by and asked about it again. What I was told was that possibly Stacked or someone might have pulled that small box out. Why… I don’t know. Everything was declared.

I found out that JDL went out of business, so the original container/parts was picked up by Stacked Export and sent out in December.

Somewhere between these companies, my box was taken out.