Kyushu Mission part 4 – Nagasaki’s number one Crazy Leopard

Noguchi-san aka 1104racing on IG posted these a few months back.

I contacted him and I wanted to learn more. I said I would come to Nagasaki, just to see it.

So the reason for that is :

  1. I wanted to meet him.
  2. I wanted to see the Leopard (this would be my first long nose leopard)
  3. To get his perspective on his cars and style.

Nagasaki was far and by express train, it was 2 hours on way. That means it was atleast 4 hours of traveling. I set it up that I would go there in the morning and in the evening, meet with Taguchi family. When Noguchi-san arrived, he was in a “mini truck” (think Hijet).

He said he would take me to his factory (where he repairs motorcycles), but his Leopard was 2 hours away. Given the time frame, It wasn’t going to happen. Additionally, I didn’t want him to drive so far because if its 2 hours to get there, its 2 hours to get back. On top of the time we would stay there. So I told him its okay, we didn’t have to go that far. We decided on lunch and after that, he took me to Nagasaki’s Memorial Peace Park (which was one of my goals in Nagasaki).

When we were at his factory, I was able to check out 2 of his other cars, which were awesome.

Noguchi-san told me that next time I come there, he will get many cars out, so I should stay longer!