Kyushu Mission Part 5 – To Shunan

Shunan is not part of Kyushu. But I was close enough that I can take the Shinkansen to Tokuyama station and meet with Taguchi family.

Taguchi-kun helped me build F31club and gave me some insight that I wouldn’t even begin to understand had he not explained it. He has a leopard and it is currently in hibernation.

Last year, I made sure that I had to meet him on my Wandering Leopard Pilgrimage. This time, since I was nearby, I made sure we were able to connect.

I have also been talking with his wife on Skype. I have tremendous amount of respect for people who helped me along this journey and so I also make sure I do right by them.

After leaving Nagasaki, it would take 2 hours to get back to Hakata station, I think jumped on the Shinkansen. It was I believe 50 mins to get to Tokuyama. I had fallen asleep and passed Tokuyama station and got to Shin Iwakuni station. I had contacted Taguchi family, and jumped on the reverse train and got back to Tokuyama.

I saw Taguchi-san’s new car in which he scheme is that of an the Skyline!



They took me to this restaurant that was American styled.

Hot, sizzling plate and bibs to wear!


We had a long conversation on many topics. When it was getting late, they took me back to the station. I am fortunate to know them and learn from them.