Kyushu Mission Part 3 – Kumamoto mini meeting

I met Nishioka-san back in 2016 at the Hamamatsu Garden Park Leopard meeting. My wife loved his car! Last year, I wanted to see if I could meet with him again, but he was busy and I wasn’t able to make it to Kumamoto since it was further southwest.

This time, it was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Kyushu. After meeting with my friends in Fukuoka, I jumped on a train to Hakata station, then jumped on the Shinkansen to Kumamoto station. Nishioka-san was still working, so went around downtown Kumamoto via Streetcar (tram). I also continued my Tomica Premium Leopard gathering mission.

Nishioka-san contacted me and I met with him at Shin-Tamana station. I might have not paid attention before, but I think this is the first time I was at a station that was only for the Shinkansen (possibly Shin-Iwakuni).

I thought it would just be Nishioka-san and I.


The more friends started to show up! Nishioka-san even took me for a ride and met with another owner.


I was happy to meet new friends and also got to see Kumamoto!!!