Leopard and Gundam house

2 things I love and my brother Itabashi-san has both! Like I am a kid in a candy story… and Japanese candy store at that!

I was picked and brought to his house. He has invited me last time.


Upon arrival, it was amazing to see his 2 F31s.


Itabashi-san has been helping me with gathering Zenki parts as I have also been helping him with M30 parts. He wrapped up some of the items and we tried to bring it to a transport service, but it wasn’t the right process for it to be shipped.

Itabashi family (his wife too) took me to a local famous Ramen house. Itabashi-san called him “Papa” . The food was amazing and delicious!

We returned and he showed me the Gundam collection!!! Itabashi-san has a knack for being detail oriented. So these tiny figures he PAINSTAKINGLY painted. But you can also see this in his M30 (which is converted to be a LHD zenki leopard) as every detail was changed as much as possible to be Zenki.. even the trim and moulding. I was also treated to his scale model collection and I was blown away!


Then he showed me the treasures! The gold mine!.. however you want to say it. I’ll let pictures speak for itself.

Lastly, Oinuma-san arrived after work and we hung out at the house. Itabashi family, thank you for hosting me!