Leopard gathering and to Daikoku Futo

A week before I headed to Japan, Arai san called me. We talked on the phone about scheduling.

When I planned my trip, I tossed out ideas and if someone wanted to meet up, I would definitely set it up. Since I was in Yokohama that night, I had mentioned to Daikoku Futo.

I did not have a solid plan as I did  not know who would be coming. Oinuma san texted me and sent me an idea for meeting up. Hideya and Sano did the same. Nori san as well. I didn’t know if they were coordinated, so when I was talking to Arai and Nori, I just mentioned those names in passing and Nori san said he would invite people to the gathering.

Arai said he would get me when he got off work, so my plan was to work my way down to his work location in Yokosuka. I got about half way when he called me. He said he’d pick me up at Yokohama station. Shortly we went to Tokyo station to get my luggage.


Arai san confirmed that everyone knew of the meet up and we were going to meet them there.

When we arrived to the spot, I saw Hideya and Ito. The other friends I have only seen online. Arai also told me that Mr. Tamai would be the one who was going to escort me to Hakone the next day.

After dropping off my luggage to the location I was staying at, we came back to the location and Nori san was there. We decided to go to another location to meet others.

Soon Umezawa and Oinuma san showed up. Hideya said we were waiting for Daikoku Futo to be clear. A few brothers left as it was getting late.

It has been over 10 years since I been to Daikoku Futo. My first time was in 2001. It was like the Option videos back then. During that time, the parking lot was packed and there were Skylines, Supras, Older Evos, and RX7s for the most part. I just remember all the blow off valves that went off that time.

In 2006, my friends and I were trying to go there, but the police had shut it down. This is 2017 and the car scene has changed a bit.

We got the okay to go to Daikoku Futo and headed out. I rode with Nori-san. Upon arriving, we had some f31 brothers there who taped us arriving.


I started to go around and talk to many people. I saw an older skyline. I wanted to take pictures of it, but I waited til the owner came back from Lawson. I started to talk to Matuzaki san about his Skyline. Very nice. I took quite a few pictures of his car because it was amazing.




There were other cars there, not in abundance like before. But I enjoyed them.


It was insane to stay there all night! I’ve been there a few times, but this was the longest and it was great to spend time with many of the guys. Nori and Umezawa use to have their Specialty websites and I would admire their photos.

Now I have my photos with them!