Visit to Avante – May 2017

Since the pilgrimage was about 31s, I wanted to see Z31 Fairladys. Now, I’ve known about Avante for awhile as my friend Jay had a Turbo Z31. We always looked at magazines and pictures.

So this was a must to visit.

After a quick walk along the river, I found Avante cutting into the near by neighborhood. I asked for the manager and Asakusa san came out. He spoke English and we had a good conversation about JCCS and SEMA. He then told me a few stories about some of the cars there (a there were US spec cars and a corvette).

I was given the okay to take pictures. Asakusa san said he might travel to the US for one of the shows, and I told him I’d like to meet with him state side if he does come to JCCS or a big show.


Additionally, I found out that my friend Hideya supports Avante and is a customer. I am hoping if I see Asakusa san will come to JCCS.