Evergreen Tandem Drift event (Aug 2017)

Al sent these to me. I know the PNW (Pacific North West) has tons of drift action and events/practices going on. Some of the photos were taken by my buddy Eddi from Nissan Pacific. Check them for local Nissan or drift events and it’s a pretty cool website as well.

I asked Al about the event and explained a bit

That last event might have been a regular open drift. The cool part about those is “cageless tandems” where many seasoned drivers bring out everything from their daily drivers (no cage like mine) to drift missiles and drive with built up track cars. The tandem trains are usually limited to 5 cars at a time. The previous event was called tandem mayhem and for that we had 10+ trains all day. It was possible because that event was exclusively for people who wanted to tandem.. Usually the people not participating in tandems are either learning, suck at drifting, or have too much attachment to their cars… Thankfully there are many good drivers out there these days.  They also aren’t afraid of contact so we get awesome tandems ^_^   – AL

Anyways, Here are some great action and parked pictures!



Credit: Onevila and Nissan Pacific