wandering Leopard and cub – Saturday

Today we headed to Yokohama. The goal was to meet with Satoshi-san. Other side goals were to see the Cup Noodle Museum and Instant Ramen Museum in Shin Yokohama station.

We woke up, got breakfast and headed to the Subway.

Jumped on the Tozai Line for Nihombashi station. Once there, walk to the Toei Asakusa Line for Sengakuji Station.


Once we got to Sengakuji station, we had to jump on to the Keikyu Limited Express Line.


We got to Yokohama station. Satoshi-san asked to meet him at East Exit Police box.


Took a left and went up some stairs and waited. A huge spider appeared and crawled up the wall.


Soon, Satoshi-san picked us up in his Zenki Leopard and took us towards Cup Noodle Museum. As we drove by, there was a huge line. Again, weekend and Holiday made for bad timing.

So Satoshi-san drove us to Yokohama Port Symbol tower and we walked up!


Satoshi-san then took us to get some food. After we ate, he dropped us off at Yokohama Landmark tower. He had other priorities to take care. Thank you so much for your time!!!

I put his pictures here: Yokohama Mini Meeting

Earlier, we saw a couple Blown Up Pikachus. I remember in Yokohama Landmark Tower there is a Pokemon Center. We went in and there were tons of Pokemon things going on. People bringing their kids to see stage shows and what not.

I do believe it was a Pikachu Celebration (The whole week was Pokemon Festival).

After the event, we decided to head back to Tokyo. Ogawara, Itabashi and Kimura-san told me they wanted to meet after 1600. So we left at 1400.

Sakuragicho Station was walking distance from Yokohama Landmark Tower.


Then jumped on the Negishi Line to Yokohama station



At Yokohama station, we jumped on the Minatomirai Line for Shin-Takashima station (roundtrip). Then to Den-en-chōfu Station. 



From Den-en-chōfu Station, we jumped on the Tokyu Meguro Line for Meguro Station.


At Meguro Station, we jumped on the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line.

Jacob and I relaxed for a bit until I got the call that the brothers were nearby and so we met up with them.

Iidabashi mini meeting 2


It got dark and Jacob was tired. Ogawara-san drove us to our place down the street and we called it an night!