Wandering Leopard and cub – Philippines and Japan – August 2017

My wife decided to celebrate my eldest son, Jacob’s birthday in the Philippines. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to see Japan. Since we were close, I decided to take him. What I love planning a trip and Japan makes it fun because of the trains and ways to get some place. There were also many things to see.

While in the Philippines, there was a lot to do. I had some F31 projects.

I called this the Wandering Leopard and cub as a continuation of my earlier trip. Again with the dry humor. I asked Jacob what he wanted to see. He said Pokemon, toys and trains. That was no problem for me as I wanted to see the toys and trains too LOL.

This was also my opportunity to meet a few friends for a short time as well. I had been in contact with everyone and a few people were able to meet. So I put that in the plan. The cool thing is that Kuze-san and Kimura-san brought their kids when we met up… That was really cool.


Thursday – Narita Airport, Shinjuku (Godzilla head), Reiyukai Shakaden Hall, Tokyo Tower, Zojo-ji Temple, SL Plaza, and Hakuhinkan Toy Park.

Friday –  Akihabara (Tam Tam, Golden Age Toys, Trader 3, Animate, Mandrake), Shikansen Festival, Ryōgoku Kokugikan (Sumo Hall), Odaiba (Trick Art Museum) and Iidabashi mini meet.

Saturday- Yokohama – Pokemon Festival, Yokohama mini meet and Iidabashi mini meet.

Sunday – 47 Ronin gravesite, Tokyo Dome City, Sunshine City (Pokemon Mega Center), Nakano Broadway, and Akihabara (cars)

Monday – Leave