Wandering Leopard and Cub – Thursday

It was about 8pm in the Malolos. Jacob and I were going to Japan in the morning. My wife was going to print out the itinerary for our Cebu Pacific flight to Narita. My wife’s uncle was gonna pick us up around 4am and take us to Manila to NAIA’s terminal 3.

I started to dose off and Jacob was playing with his cousins. My wife busts open the door and says that the flight is at 5am. So we had to be at the airport at 2am… But we had to leave Malolos at 1am to get to Manila…

Terminal 3:

It was a boring wait!!!!

That happens and we make our flight and arrive at Narita. We are waiting for the Keisei Skyliner and we had an hour til the next one arrives.

We come around the corner to get food at an airport 711 and there are tons of Gachapon (capsule machines).


Finally the Skyliner comes. We jump on and head for Ueno Station (final stop for Skyliner).


We get off at Ueno station and head for the subway. We jumped on the Oedo Line to Iidabashi station. This is where we were staying for 5 days.




I was expecting to be settled in by noon, with all the delays and what not, we didn’t get settled til 3pm.. which kinda hampered some plans.


The first place we were going to as Shinjuku station. It was all about Godzilla!

Shinjuku station is one of the most complex in Tokyo (in all honesty, the big stations are all confusing). I remember the exit from last October, so we went out that way and went down the street.


So we headed up Hotel Gracery.


I was looking for the Samurai museum, but since it was late, I decided not to pursue it. I did want to see Robot Restaurant. Unfortunately, that was also closed (maybe due to Obon Festival).


We headed back to Shinjuku Station and got on the Toei Oeda Line to Roppongi station.


At Roppongi Station, we switched to the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Kamiyacho Station.

We got out and headed towards the Reiyukai Shakaden Hall.

As we were exploring, the insects were SUPER LOUD. I have never heard insects this deafening. We came upon some stairs with lanterns. This was a sign of Obon. As we went up the stairs, there was food and drums playing. There wasn’t a pathway that lead to the hall though.


After going around the corner, we came upon the Reiyukai Shakaden Hall. It was closed!!!! I really wanted to see the inside of it.


I was disappointed, but maybe it was because it was Obon Festival. Tokyo Tower was nearby, so we went there. I think it cost about $13 for both of us.


Right next to Tokyo Tower was the Zojo-ji Temple with 100s of stone figures, statues and Sanmen (3 gates). It was getting dark around this time.


We then went to Daimon station, which was nearby.


We took the the Toei Asakusa line to Shimbashi station. We got out and started to look for SL (Steam Locomotive) Square.


The final stop for the day was Hakuhinkan Toy Park.