Wandering Leopard and cub – Sunday

I had waken up earlier to pack a few things and map out where to go.

I wanted to visit the Sengaku-ji Temple. This is the place where the 47 Ronin and their master are buried. If you don’t know the history of the 47 Ronin, it is about loyalty and gruesome revenge.

47 Ronin history



We arrived and Sengaku-ji Station and walked about a block to the temple. I took time to read many of the signs. It was really interesting.


After that history lesson, we decided to go to Tokyo Dome City.

We jumped on the Asakusa line to Mita Station.

Mita Line to Suidobashi Station.




Since we were not going to stay all day,I asked him what he wanted to do. He said Sky Flower.


We went back to Suidobashi station and jumped on the Mita line. We made a mistake and kept going til we hit Shin Itabashi Station.



We then got out and walked to Itabashi station, where we jumped on the Saikyo line.


It was a straight shot to Ikebukuro station.


We got out and headed towards Sunshine City (which is a mall). On the way there, we detoured to Tokyu Hands. After that we went inside Sunshine City and went to Pokemon Mega Center Tokyo.

It was Pokemon Festival.. but also Mountain Day and Obon Festival… so people were out. We went into Pokemon Mega Center and Jacob bought a few Pokemon stuff.


We then decided to go to Nakano Broadway, this is where there are tons of stuff. We jumped on the Saikyo line to Shinjuku Station, then got on the Chuo line to Nakano Station.


We got there and it was hot. We stopped to get.

It was a long walk through a covered shopping street. Then I saw the sign!


The ground level floor had clothes and supermarket and food. I thought I might have gotten Nakano Broadway wrong (it is suppose to be the better alternative to Akihabara). Then we started seeing all the shops!!! Robot Robot, Elf, Mandarake… I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!


Okay.. that was dope. I started to go to the other side of the floor and that is when my heart started to pound!!! M.U.S.C.L.E and Battle Beasts… Old skool Tomicas…


Spent quite a few bucks here!!! But we had to head back. This became some what of a train ride around LOL!!

We jumped on the Chuo line to Shinjuku Station. At Shinjuku (very confusing station) we jumped on the wrong line. We got on the Keio Line (going opposite way)

Once we realized it, we got off at Meidai-Mae Station and got on the Keio-Inkashira line to Shim Kitazawa Station.

Then we got on the Odakyu Odawara express to Shinjuku.


In essence it was a big circle!!! At Shinjuku station, we jumped on the Toei Shijuku line to Iwamotocho Station.

Once we got off at Iwamotocho Station, we walked along Showa Dori to Akihabara.


There I went walked around, checked out Don Quiote, some of the toy stores were closing.

But then I saw some cool cars!!!


Here are the photos: Akihabara Night