Iidabashi mini meet 2 (Ogawara, Itabashi, Kimura-san and Roger)

Since the Wandering Leopard pilgrimage, I’ve been in contact with Kimura and Itabashi-san. They were both at the 30th annual leopard meeting, but I did not know them until after I starting talking with many leopard owners after the meeting.

We went to Daikoku futo last time and they gave me very nice gifts. Kimura-san gave me tons of trains and Itabashi-san gave me a shirt. He also had that really cool M30 converted to a Zenki. Before I came back to Japan, I asked what they wanted and I got them those gifts.

Itabashi-san said he would like to have a Z31 shifter. The Zenki came with same style and look, just made for RHD. This would make his LHD car resemble a zenki leopard even more.

Ogawara and Itabashi-san said they would meet me at Iidabashi station.

They pulled over and we exchanged gifts. Also Yoko came along (the cute girl from Daikoku Futo). Kimura-san messaged me he would be on his way. I thought it was all coordinated, but I found it wasn’t. Ogawara-san communicated with Kimura-san and we all parked in an underground garage and decided to get some food.

Kimura-san brought his son, Hyogo, as well. I met Hyogo last time and he was a very sweet boy.

Again, it was interesting to see the kids be shy at first and then be very playful. They were having fun and taking pictures. Itabashi and Kimura-san gave the kids the okay to sit in the cars and what not. So we took pictures of them.

Again, everyone gave me amazing gifts and a good memory to share!!! My son had fun as well.