To Saitama… with a big box

Upon arrival, my first mission was to deliver a gift to Suenaga-san. My last trips to Saitama were missteps in time and direction.

1st Saitama meet up – May 2017

Wrong train, wrong direction! (end of post)

2nd Saitama meet up – Sept 2017

My 2nd meeting in Saitama was limited, but because I made it a logistical nightmare by staying in Yokohama (initially was gonna do stuff in Yokohama but schedules got switched). So taking the last train leaving Saitama would lead me to a series of “once I get to Ikebukuro station, I need to get on the last train to Shingawa station, then get on the last train for Yokohama station… To say the least it was stressful because getting to the right platform for the last train of the night, multiple times, sucks.

Anyways, I realized all my errors and decided to try and keep it simple and nice. Problem is, I forgot to exchange at the station and was looking for a place that would exchange my money, but I got the run around between JR and Keisei Ikebukuro stations.

So my idea of getting things done and going to Saitama didn’t go as planned. (LOL, they never do). I eventually did get there and once we stood up display rack, we were kinda in awe.

I looked at Suenaga-san’s leopard, but it was dark and the picture didn’t come out (his car is dark and it was dark… no go.

We hung out for a bit and