Saitama mini meet – September 2017

After visiting MCR and Tec Arts, I had to go to Kawagoe area. I had to give something to Suenaga-san.

It was Thursday and the only time I could visit him. But it was getting late and last time I was there, I got on the last train going the wrong way, which I ended up staying the night in that region (additional $110 for a few hours sleep), my luggage in Tokyo station and a paid, unused hotel room.

I made sure I knew the last time the trains would run and how long it would take. This day, I had to return to Yokohama (compared to Tokyo, which was closer).

Which meant I couldn’t spend as much time as before.

I arrived and Suenaga-san and Himura-san picked me up. I came to his place again and gave him the golden package. Both Suenaga and Himura-san gave me gifts as well!!! Tons of great reading material!!! Thank you brothers!



Young Auto!!!!


Some awesome cars!!!


Magazines, cars, Leopard trunk lock and key, cars and pattern light!!!!


It was a short time and we laughed about it! But we plan more for next time. I’ll go out his way again and spend time with my brothers!!!