Thursday – Saitama and Little Trees

I arrived at Haneda airport around 1430 (2:30pm). I immediately got my luggage, got my passes and filled up the Suica.

I took the Tokyo Monorail to Tenkubashi station and got on the Keikyu line and headed to Tobe station (just past Yokohama station). That train ride took longer than I thought it would. I got off, walked to my hotel, and checked in.

I quickly packed my things and headed to Saitama. I jumped on the Blue line subway to Shin Yokohama and took the Shinkansen to Tokyo Station.

Then I would stop at Akihabara station. I would then jump on the Tsukuba Express and had to Yashio station.

My stops would include MCR nad Tec Arts. Again on map, it didn’t look that far… but they were. Not only that.. it was raining.


After those visits, my feet were soaked from the rain.

Visit to MCR

Visit to Tec Arts

Saitama mini meet


Here are some pix on the train stations on the way there.


After meeting with Suenaga and Hiruma-san, I had to catch the last train from that station at 2220. I was about to get on the wrong platform until they both yelled to go to the other side!

I took a train to Ikekuburo Station, then to Tokyo Station then to Shinagawa station and finally to Yokohama station. By the time I would get to Yokohama station, all trains and subways were closed, so I couldn’t get to the next station by subway or train. I had to walk (it wasn’t far and it was absolutely calming to walk in Yokohama).


The calming 2 mile walk to back to my hotel.