Visit to Refresh 60

So my friend Hector told me about a Bluebird specialists in Yokohama. He wanted to get some Refresh 60 stickers.

I was never a Datsun 510 owner, but I do admire them. When I was younger, I was always a S30/S130 Z and ZX guy. I liked 510s, but they were becoming something similar to Imprezas and Civics… people were buying them and increasing the prices…

When I stopped by, I had a hard time finding the shop as I didn’t see any cars. I then saw “Refresh 60” on the window.


Inside, I saw the store full of items everywhere.. I thought it was a garage or storage place (some shops have separate locations for these reasons).

I was welcomed by Obata-san. I asked if I could take pictures. He gave me the okay and outside. He bought me a drink and said “have a seat”.

We talked for a good 40 minutes and I asked if he had any Refresh 60 stickers. He said he didn’t. So I thought it was one of those shop owners who were protective of his products.

He gave me some Nostalgic Hero magazines and we talked soem more.

I had to leave and I thanked him for his time. He also thanked me.

In retrospect, I didn’t know what was going on until I got back to the US and looked up his website.


Let’s translate:

I didn’t realize it when I was there. We joked about parts being made in Taiwan and China. We talked a few other things and he told me about his travels to Philippines.