Meeting with Original JDM guy

Original JDM guy and I have been talking for bit. We had some common interests. I told him I was gonna visit Japan and if he wanted anything from here.

Before I posted the picture, I asked if it was okay. He told me that he would like to be anonymous, so I will keep it that way.

Our commonality of talking about cars also progressed to how families are raised and our societies differences between US and Japan. But also talking with Original JDM guy was very interesting because we talked about THE era of Honda tuning. In fact, he talked more about the LA Import Scene from the 90’s!!! I didn’t get into it until 1998.

Understand this, I rarely talk to anyone from that era, especially from LA (where I felt the import scene all started). So to converse with someone that was from that era and understands it, was nostalgic to say the least. The era we talked about was one of pioneering for Honda and that is something that I don’t think many newer generation owners can ever experience. They are replicating cars that have been built 100s of times over. There is nothing original with building a 240sx, Civic or RX7. It is not anyone’s fault, just an observation. The newer generation have information at their finger tips with social media and swap write ups that have been around for years. If you really look back at the import scene, Hondas really made it happen. Not taking anything away from the TRUE Enthusiasts of the other platforms neither.

We also talked about my old cars. He brought up my Vigor and I haven’t thought about it in a long time. It has been 13yrs since I enjoyed it. Back then, I was trying to take advantage of free websites and Fortunecity had free 100 mb websites… so I had my own page there for my 2 sedan builds. (While I had my EG civic, FC rx7, Infiniti M30, 240sx fastback, I dedicated my fortunecity page to the sedans I had, My Acura Vigor and 1990 Toyota Cressida. I bought my Vigor silver and my Cressida white, but I wanted to go with the VIP look, so I had them painted black. Unfortunately, that fortunecity page went down awhile back and all the pictures I had on there were gone.)

Anyways, it was a great conversation with Original JDM Guy and when we talked about publications, he mentioned back in the days that Sport Compact Car was quarterly and people going to Battle (Battle of the Imports) with basic mods… Wow.. that brought back my memories when Washington state followed California a few years later.

Anyways, it was awesome to meet him even though it was short. He brought me to this small spot to eat and it was also great! Some of these skewers I have never tried before.


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