Visit to Mizuno Works – September 2017

I’ve seen Mizuno Works’ cars in many magazines and even scale models. So I’ve been trying to go there since May. Unfortunately, my time in May was not enough to get there and I have always made it a mission.

Now, I used to love wild styles and would want to make my cars like this. Mizuno Works was a huge inspiration in the mid 2000s for me. So it was only proper for me to try and pay my respects to this Mizuno-san.

After dropping off my luggage at Tokyo Station, I headed to Yoshikawa station. This would take me a few station switches, but it would be easy to get to Yoshikawa station. Since I started early, I walked the near 1.5 miles to near Mizuno Works. I had some breakfast and then went to the shop.

Upon arrival, I a worker saw me and said he will get the manager. The manager was Mizuno-san himself. I introduced myself and told him why I stopped by. He said I could take pictures, but 3 cars were customer cars, which he asked me not to take pictures of (in which I complied). He offered me coffee and we sat and talked. He told me about his travels to America in the 90s. I asked him more questions and then he showed me around his shop.

Some of the cars he had there were awesome. There was this sleeper of a car… with a huge turbo!!!

I bought a few items off him. He said I could take more pictures of his wheel collection and I did. He then got busy with customers on the phone and people doing construction at his shop. I didn’t want to take too much of his time, so I thanked him and then he said he will take me to the station. That was really cool. I told him I wanted to see Art Planning Youma and he said that is his friend, so he took me to that shop and introduced me to the owner.

Here are my pix.