Visit to Matchless Crowd Racing – September 2017

Remember Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero? It came with a dvd that showed highway racing?

One Skyline on there had =MCR=  on the top of their windshield.

That was burned in my head as I loved that logo.. but I also loved that feeling of highway night racing.

Anyways, I always thought it would be awesome to visit their shop. In May, I planned to go there but it didn’t happen. The biking to Blitz,Spoon,Jun and Type One took longer than I thought. So my trip to MCR didn’t happen.

This time, I had to make it happen.

Shortly after arriving, I decided to go Yashio Station via the Tsukuba Express. As soon as I got off, I pulled out my phone and looked on the map.

Rain started to come down, so I bought a $6 umbrella from 7/11. Of course my shoes are “netted” and eventually all the walking got my feet/socks soaked.

After a good 20 minute walk.. It looks like I was in a residential neighborhood and then I saw it.


I was greeted by the one of the technicians there and the manager came out. I introduced myself and they let me take pictures. It was 1830 (6:30pm) and looks like they were winding down for the day. I apologized, but still hosted me and the manager and I talked for a good amount of time.

I then asked if I could purchase an MCR sticker. I showed him which one I wanted. Gosh it was hard to choose which one, but I got the one that is used on the website with the outline of the region (I think).

After a few pictures and more questions, I had to get going. I am sending them a thank you package as they were super awesome and friendly!