Visit to Tec Arts – September 2017

Just a bit further from Yashio Station was Tec Arts. This shop gets tons of people coming to check it out because of the AE86 Corollas… one being Drift King’s!!!!

I contacted Ohira-san and asked if it would be okay to visit since they can be busy and how knows what else is going on.

I got the okay.

Again, it was raining and I was soaked. This was a bit further from Yashio station.

Once I arrived, Mr. Kamata was with a customer and I did not want to interrupt. He did stop and said I could go in the shop and take pictures.

I was able to ask a few questions, but again, he was with someone that was doing business, so I didn’t want to bug him.

Even though Mr. Kamata gave me full access to go into the shop, some of the technicians were still working, and so I did not want to disturb them. There were many parts around the cars, so I decided to stay with in the front of the shop.

Outside had a good amount of cars as well.