Saitama mini meeting – May 2017

After getting back from Sendai, I arrived into Tokyo station. I put luggage in a holding locker and headed out west of Tokyo, where I would spend some time traveling on bike visiting Blitz, JUN, Spoon and Type One.

I was suppose to visit other shops that were on the way to Saitama’s Kawagoe station. I set this up as a meeting place for anyone in that area that wanted to meet. Suenaga-san told me he would meet me at a station just past Kawagoe.


I definitely wanted to meet him. I also knew he was busy and he is a new father. So if he couldn’t meet, it would be understandable. He texted me saying he would like to meet. I know that Nagano was next to Saitama and was hoping that some of the guys would come out that way.

My friend Taguchi-san from Van Kulture wanted to meet me and I wondered if it was okay if he came out. Suenaga-san said it was okay. So that became the plan.

Since I did not have time to go to the shops, this also changed my train route as I would go to Kawagoe station from the East after visiting those other shops. I am now coming from the South/west. I had to jump on a different line and headed for Hon Kawagoe. This was the local line and a different station than the Kawagoe station that was JR.

Of course when I asked, they gave me this small piece of paper, showing me directions with arrows. Of course it was deceptively longer than that. The piece of paper showed me exiting Hon Kawagoe and taking a right and Kawagoe station was there. Nope.. It was a few blocks, maybe even a mile before I even reached the station!

The street/walkway between the stations were lined with small shops and food spots. I stopped by a few and bought some gifts for my family.

Once I got to the station, I text Suenaga san. He came shortly and we drove to his place. He showed me his Tamariba or as I told him, man cave!

His leopard was outside and I was just in awe of it! I’ve only seen pictures, but it is so nice.




Soon Taguchi san texted me and said he was at the station. So we went and picked him up. I had a gift from Paul Cotaco to give Taguchi san. He hung out with us at Suenaga’s house. We were soon joined by Himura san and Yamashima san. Since I last seen Kyouhyou, he sold his M30 to a friend and got a really clean Y31 Gloria!!! Himura san had his clean bB as well.

Since Taguchi san is Van Kulture, this would make it a mini meet of different cars. Anyways, we talked about culture and differences. I explained a few things about the US and Suenaga san gave me a ton of info for the f31 and gifts!!!


Thank you Saitama brothers for meeting with me!

Suenaga, Himura, Yamashima and Taguchi san!




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