10th Burning Car meeting – Iwate 2017

Kikuchi san posted information on this car meeting in Iwate, Japan. Here is the info:

もう一台、離れたところにF31 XSがいたんですが‥知らない個体でオーナーさんもわからなかったなぁ‥秋田ナンバーでした


Today I was invited to participate in the “10th burning old car meeting” held in Hachimantaira City, Iwate As usual I was able to interact with lots of friends and it was a fun day Lepard also met with all of your friends and a total of six F31s gathered together I let them all line up, it was a nice feeling ♪ Another one, while F31 XS was at a distance, I did not know the owner who did not know ‥ ‥ It was Akita number Besides, it was surprising that a total of three F30s gathered! Everyone, thanks for your time today. Please play with me again!

He then gave me addition information

前期白Ultima、前期紺Ultima、後期白XS、後期黒Ultima、後期紺Ultima Tarbo×2 岩手県八幡平市 オーナーは、菊池、佐佐木、畠山、横山、本田 です!


Early White Ultima, previous Navy Ultima, Late White XS, Late Black Ultima, Late Navy Ultima Turbo × 2 Iwate Prefecture Hachimantai Owners are Kikuchi, Sasaki, Hatakeyama, Yokoyama, Honda!

Thank you Kikuchi san!