Saturday November 3rd – 4 brothers

My original plan was to head to Odaiba, see Unicorn Gundam, visit History Garage and check out D1 Grand Prix (

After that, head to Yokohama and check out a few other tuning shops. Then I would meet with Yousuke-san after he got off work.

Then my schedule changed. Kuze-san said he can meet me during lunch. Hiro-san of Wing Works said it I could visit Saturday morning, then Satoshi-san also said he can meet me in the evening.

So I changed my plans to:

  1. Wing Works visit in the morning
  2. Kuze-san for lunch.
  3. Yousuke-san for evening.
  4. Satoshi-san meet in late evening.


These are my friends, so I decided to skip Odaiba’s events/schedule.