1st documented M30 meeting, Hawaii – 2003/4

Before F31club and before anyone picked up on the Infiniti M30’s potential, Kenny (240sx) and Mark (strikevalk) got up M30s in Hawaii. Coincidentally both attended an event in Hawaii and noticed each other’s M30. This was the first documented M30 meeting. Not only that, it was the first time and for the longest, 2 M30s in a picture!

This was at a time when very few people of M30s. But this also was when another person who knew the potential of the F31 came about, Jason (J). This eventually lead to the Hawaiian group of f31club. Kenny, Mark, J, David, Deviant, Renny and possibly 2 others during that time.

I believe Kenny sold this Silver M30 to Jacy (JCrapps) later and he brought it to California. The burgundy M30 might have been picked up by Jason.

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