Hawaiian Meeting – Sept 2016

Renny (onevia), Kenny (240sx) and Mark (Strikevalk) have been there before F31club was started. They were original members of the first M30 forums and even Scourge (Thomas) made the M30 thread.


I have been away from the F31s and the car scene in general. I was busy with school and family. This was also when I just got the forums running after being shut down by a hacker in 2014. So I started to get back into the F31 scene and committed to going to Japan in October.

I had an opportunity to go to Waikiki, Honolulu for a cardiology conference and training session. It would be for 6 days. I remember many of the Hawaiian guys were from Ewa Beach.

A quick look on the map showed I was really near by!

I let Renny, Kenny, Mark and J know I was going to Hawaii and it would be great to meet them. My schedule would keep me busy during the day time (7 am to 4pm) and afterwards, I could do things.


First Kenny picked me and it was he first time I met him and Denny. They took me to a place to eat and we had dinner. I made the mistake of not taking pictures with them! Damn it.

The next night, Renny and Mark called me. Mark gave me directions to his place and I drove out that way. Met Renny there too and we went out for Ramen.


We then went for some bubble tea. The convertible was really dope! Renny offered to show me his RB26dett M30 and I was very ecstatic!

Kenny and Denny also showed up (Renny, Kenny and Denny are siblings). At the time, we were unable to get a hold of Jason (J on the forums). Other forum members were unable to be reached or have lost contact. David (Driftur on the forums) was busy having a photoshoot.

This was epic and historic for me.

L-R: Renny, me and Mark.




When we started f31club, there were people who were essential on this forum and many from Hawaii were.

I got a chance to hang with them and see Mark’s SR20 M30 and Renny’s RB26dett M30. But more importantly, we conversed til the early hours of 2am… This brought back nostalgia in all of us as when we were younger!

Hawaii MTG 2016

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