Hunter’s Point Mini meet (with Ricky and GillyGil)

It’s 2017. Last time we hung out was 2007

That was 10 years ago when I first moved to San Francisco. We met up and we took pix at the Millbrae BART station.


We got busy, we started families, school, work, kids… the whole 9 yards.

When I got f31club back up and many pictures were missing, Gil logged on and we reconnected. He also sent me a pdf of the shocks write up and I was able to dissect pictures from that for the write up. Thanks brother!

Ricky and I were friends on IG and FB. He has moved on to a Q50s. We always talked about linking up.

Well this past weekend, I hit both them up and said even for a few minutes, I’d like to meet with them. We did.


Ricky gave me directions to his house and when i got there, we talked for a bit and really caught up. Then we headed to Gil’s place.

Gil was hammered LOL. He was also bbqing on his steps and we just hung out there and ate.

It was good to just hang out with them and catch up.


Now we are reconnected and locked in. That is what’s up. Thanks brothers!