Stanford University Mini meet (with Jacy)

Throughout my F31 journey and crossing over to my personal journey in life, Jacy has always been part of that. It is funny that we have so much in common.

If you don’t know, read up on the F31 History. Jacy started an M30 forum because there was no information on the M30. He put his own money to make f31club. He trusted me to be moderator on the forums, we collaborated on getting information and f31club to be something.

We then went bought a parts M30 together, when we didn’t know each other. I then brought the bumper down to him and had the Northern California meeting.

It was just catalyst after catalyst and it was cool. Then families came and school came. He moved to Michigan to get his MBA and I went back to school to change careers.

F31club started to fall apart with the hacks, people not being active and everyone getting new cars and ignoring f31club, including me.

Jacy kept f31club registration in his name and while I’m glad he kept it for me until I could commit to f31club again.

Jacy was also at my SFSU graduation party last year. We talked about van dwelling and camping.

Jacy has been a huge impact in my personal life. Such a good guy. We’ve been trying to meet up for almost a year…

For me, this year is super important and it’s important I document and show that this isn’t a superficial thing to me. People are focused on the car, it’s always been personal for me and I like to keep my friends and brothers close regardless if the M30 is in the picture or not.

I met up with Jacy and we talked car culture and caught up. Plan a camping trip and all in the future! LOL.

That’s my dude!