Dinner with Qaz and the Ikebukuro Tomica mission

Qaz and I connected when I saw him post his blue leopard. He was part on Club Non Sect. We met up at the Fujinomiya Leopard meeting in October. We hung out there and just kept contact after that.

I notified him that I was gonna be in Japan and he said he would like to meet up again. He gave me his availability, so I said I would try to make time.

After I got done with Yokohama, he said he would meet me at Ikebukuro station.

We met up at the Tobu section of Ikebukuro and had some yakitori nearby.


We had a good conversations and since the night was still young, but some stores closed for the night.

Ikebukuro at night is nice (just like any other bright lit city).

Ikebukuro Tomica Mission

Unintentionally, Qaz and I went looking for Tomica Premiums as I was looking for the blue two tones. I had ask Qaz to see if there was some toy stores. He said they are probably closed by now, but we walked to BIC Camera, where they do have some toys. There were a couple Gold ones, so I bought them up. We then went to a Labi, and they had 3 Gold leopards, so I bought those, and then there was another BIC Camera, went inside and found 3 more. I decided if I came up some Leopards, I would buy them.


Thanks brother for a dinner and hanging out!!