Takamatsu Udon meeting

After Fukuoka, I hit Kokura station (to check out the Kitakyushu monorail) and Miyajima Island in Hiroshima in the morning/noonish time.

I then headed to Takamatsu and met with Noguchi-san. He has been helping me build F31club with information and we have been in constant communications.

I wasn’t able to eat Udon last time. Takamatsu is famous for Udon noodles! So that was the goal this time!

Noguchi-san picked me up at Shikoku station, this time bring his son. Such a great kid! He makes me smile!!!

Noguchi-san had to go home to watch his daughter for a bit, so I was able to go to his place and also see his new Leopard! (this marks his 4th F31!!!).

We then went out to an Udon noodle spot and had dinner.


Thank you brother!!! I had great fun!