Okini Kyoto and Osaka

When I planned this trip, Okuni and Iishi-san said they would both take a day off as they did last year.

Okuni-san asked for my plan in Kyoto and race shops. I told him I wanted to see Ryoanji Temple (Famous Rock Garden) and Kyoto Railway Museum. When I arrived, I met them at Kyoto station (my favorite station) and they said they only had time for 1 place.

Additionally, Maeda-san was coming along. I wasn’t able to meet Maeda-san last year, but he said he would meet me in Kyoto. When I said I would be with my leopard brothers, he was ok. They interesting thing is, they all met before through a leopard owner’s wedding.

Maeda-san also was the one driving us around in his imported xB!

So we met up and he drove to Ryoanji Temple. We checked it out and had a lot of fun.

Then we had lunch at an American styled spot.

Maeda-san drove us to Osaka.

and we met with Tanaka-san at Upgarage. He was busy last year so we were not able to meet up!

After checking out Upgarage, We went to Auto Select, one of my favorite tuners from 2000s era video game (Option Tuning car battle on Playstation).

We then stopped by Five Mart, but they seemed to be closed.

Last tuning shop was one I’ve been trying to go to since last year, Jenesis! Awesome Skylines and demo cars there!

Maeda-san had to leave (thank you brother!!!) and after that we went to eat some Izakaya.

Then Okuni-san said we will take the Haruka Express from there to Shin Osaka (where I would get off) and they would continue onto Kyoto I believe.

It was a great day catching up and with brothers and meeting Maeda-san!